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Oakland Athletics…

have just dropped their 8th game in a row, in truly ugly style. They now are 12 games back of the Angels, and 10 back from the Mariners. Earlier this afternoon, they sent veteran catcher Jason Kendall to the Cubs. It seems to me that Beane is having a sale, and everyone is up for grabs. If it was just one team to beat, I'd be more optimistic, but with two...

We'll miss you Jason. Fantasy baseball wise, the A's probably will find some way to replace you, but you have had a tough year batting-wise. I loved watching you swat singles into the gap. I like the intelligent way you call the game, and the strong throws and the gutsy way you'd block the plate (with your face, if need be). And mostly, I've got a lot of respect for anyone who crouches behind the plate, day after day, and catches.

Best wishes!

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