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Tears of St. Lawrence

Well, I wasn't going to stay up past midnight to see the best of it, but I did wander outside tonight at around 11:30 for around 15 minutes to see if I could spot some of the peaking Perseid meteors.  My score was:

  • three fast moving bright Perseids
  • 13 planes
  • one polar  orbiting satellite
  • hints of half a dozen faint Perseids
  • oddly enough, the Milky Way was faintly visible from my house

Not bad.  But I'm going to bed.

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  1. Despite a large amount of light pollution and a 45 degree open hold in cloud cover, we managed to see five fast moving bright Perseids and three faint ones. (We would probably only see the brighter ones due to the light pollution.)

    We also saw loads of airplanes and no sign of the Milky Way… aside from the candy bar litter in the park we were occupying at the time.

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