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FCC-1 Assembled

FCC-1 Frequency CounterLast week I got my FCC-1 kit from the Norcal QRP club. It's a nifty little PIC based frequency counter, and is quite inexpensive. It's not very hard to assemble, but I still managed to have a couple of minor problems. Hint to anyone assembling the kit: REMEMBER! The switches are soldered on the wrong (component) side of the board. I thoughtlessly soldered the first one on the wrong side, and had to dig out my desoldering tool and resolder it. When I first powered it up, I didn't get a proper display. But a quick inspection of some of the soldered joints for the digital display revealed a couple of pins that looked a bit spotty. A quick touch up with the iron, and voila:

I haven't gotten it hooked to a radio yet, but I will eventually get it hooked to my TenTec 1056 receiver that I've been ranting on about for the last week or so. I also need to find a good case to mount it in (I don't think there is a good place to mount it in the TenTec case, and besides, I might want to move this counter around as I complete other projects.

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FCC-1 Hooked to the TenTec 1056Addendum: I couldn't resist actually wiring it into my TenTec 1056 receiver, even though I didn't have the proper coax or connectors. The good news, it appears to work! Woohoo!

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  1. Update on my Tentec 1056 receiver and NS-40 transmitter combo. I was unable to get the frequency counter I purchased (a different one from the FCC-1 from NorCal) to work. I did see a comment section on another website with my comments and those of others, but did not see how to add more comments there. One ham said he could hear the NS-40 transmitter on the 1056 receiver when keying. I have them both in the same enclosure and am unable to hear it at all when keying. Just sound chaos. I can hear, however, a sound above and below the frequency of the NS-40 crystal and in the dead center ( using the coarse tuning knob) a sort of scratchy click in the unkey condition. This is the unkeyed oscillator of the NS-40 at work. I rely on a separate rig to hear both the keyed transmit tone and also the 1056 receiver oscillator to make double sure I am on the same frequency for tx and rx. If anyone can tell me how to hear the tx tone on the 1056 receiver, please do so. My email is . Also, what frequency actually reads out on the NorCal FCC-1 frequency counter?
    I’m having really good luck with this setup on the air right now since putting up my 40 meter dipole 20 feet high in the trees. Most days I get a response pretty fast, except when it is raining. The cedar trees seem to suck the signal right off the dipole. Hi!

  2. please give me more details about this product on how to construct it i am a student given as a project so please help me out

  3. Can you show me this schematic/circuit…

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