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Updates to my python tracking program…

It now can put out ground tracks as well as more detailed tracking information. Just a few more lines of code.

ARISS will be visible from grid CM87ux starting in 01:36:47 at 23:08:11
  23:08:11  +0.0°  210.7° ?  21.8°N 132.1°W  AOS
  23:09:00  +3.4°  207.9° ?  24.2°N 130.0°W
  23:10:00  +8.5°  202.5° ?  27.0°N 127.2°W
  23:11:00 +15.8°  192.4° ?  29.8°N 124.3°W
  23:12:00 +26.4°  170.1° ?  32.5°N 121.2°W
  23:12:51 +32.2°  132.9° ?  34.8°N 118.4°W  MAX
  23:13:00 +31.8°  125.4° ?  35.2°N 117.9°W
  23:14:00 +22.3°   88.7° ?  37.7°N 114.4°W
  23:15:00 +13.0°   72.4° ?  40.1°N 110.6°W
  23:16:00  +6.7°   64.6° ?  42.3°N 106.5°W
  23:17:00  +2.0°   60.2° ?  44.4°N 102.1°W
  23:17:31  +0.0°   58.7° ?  45.3°N  99.7°W  LOS

P.S. Sigh, wordpress is apparently working very hard to get rid of the Unicode characters I nicely output. To the right of the azimuth/elevation should appear a sequence of arrows to indicate if you should look north, south, east or west. When I run this on my terminal, I get:

Screendump of “nextpass”…

I'll have to work on deciding whether this Unicode stuff is worth the trouble. Probably not.


A Satellite Two-fer…

Got on board the late night pass for the ISS, and right after that went down, turned around and worked SO-50. Sadly, the recorder I normally used didn't pick up the passes, must have hit the stop button (annoying!). But I worked N6RSX via the ISS, then got KB7F and ... rats.. memory... failed me... i heard him on the ISS too.... Mountain View, CM87, November... something... O... Sigh.

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