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I’m genuinely sad….

I must admit, part of my fascination with computers and mathematics has to do with my early exposure to Martin Gardner's absolutely fantastic Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American. As a grade school student, I remember reading these columns and through them, discovering for the first time the actual excitement of mathematics. It's hard to explain to people who don't share this particular penchant for mathematics, but there it is. Mathematical Games was important.

When Gardner finally retired from Scientific American, one of his eventual replacements was A.K. Dewdney, who renamed the column to Computer Recreations. While no one could replace Gardner, I found Dewdney's columns to be fun and thought provoking. I have several of his books.

And here's what's sad: Dewdney is apparently has decided to become a 9/11 denier.

Jeffrey Shallit attended a "debate" where Dewdney was a speaker. He wrote it up in two parts: Part 1 Part 2. It's sad. Really, really sad when someone you respect shows that they don't deserve it.

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