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Milhouse v. Chinook

Well, this morning as I woke up, I decided to try to play milhouse against Chinook. Deluded by feelings of competency, I felt like it might be able to compete (at least at the novice level settings) against Chinook.

Well, it didn't go as badly as it might. With 15 ply search, milhouse decisively dispatched Chinook at the novice level! Woohoo! Flush with confidence, I decided to play it at intermediate level, and.. well, milhouse obviously played into a serious mistake. It blissfully saw a nearly even position for a couple of turns, while Chinook was taunting me with "Chinook is winning!". We ended up in a very oddly cramped position, which it doesn't surprise me that milhouse can't play very well, because milhouse doesn't really have an evaluation function which deals with mobility and cramps at all. Chinook polished me off with a 3 for 2 trade.

I would post the pdn files for the games, but my program doesn't automatically write them, which is an excellent feature that should be added. I need to do some work to transcribe them. Perhaps early in the week.

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