Pizza Order…

A few days ago, I blogged about a Python program to monitor the status of your Domino’s pizza order. Last night found me at home by myself, with nothing desireable to eat in the house, so I ordered a pizza. And tried out the python script.

bash-3.2$ python XXXXXXXXXX

Dominos (R) pizza tracker.
1 Large(14") Hand Tossed Pizza w/ Pepperoni, Mushrooms
1 10-piece Buffalo Hot Wings
2 20oz-Bottle Diet Coke

Your pizza is being made! 9:03pm
Your pizza is in the oven! 9:05pm
Your pizza is done and awaiting delivery! 9:12pm
Your pizza is on the way! 9:18pm
Your pizza was delivered! 9:27pm
Script done on Sat Jun 14 21:56:25 2008