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NOAA 18 Weather Picture

I haven't done one of these in a while, hauled out my Yaesu VX-3R and recorded a pass. I've busted the sync corrector in my program again, so it's not aligned right, but overall, it might be one my better passes, covering a lot of the continental U.S.

NOAA 18, Jun 15, 2008 (Father’s Day!)

Addendum: The follow up pass was out over the Pacific...

NOAA 18, Jun 15, 2008, Second Pass

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Oakland A’s Get Wet and Wild

Didn't catch the Friday win for the Athletics over their Bay Area rivals, but found out that the sprinklers came on during the ninth with two outs and Houston Street on the mound. It didn't help the Giants.

YouTube - Oakland A's Get Wet and Wild

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Pizza Order…

A few days ago, I blogged about a Python program to monitor the status of your Domino's pizza order. Last night found me at home by myself, with nothing desireable to eat in the house, so I ordered a pizza. And tried out the python script.

bash-3.2$ python XXXXXXXXXX

Dominos (R) pizza tracker.
1 Large(14") Hand Tossed Pizza w/ Pepperoni, Mushrooms
1 10-piece Buffalo Hot Wings
2 20oz-Bottle Diet Coke

Your pizza is being made! 9:03pm
Your pizza is in the oven! 9:05pm
Your pizza is done and awaiting delivery! 9:12pm
Your pizza is on the way! 9:18pm
Your pizza was delivered! 9:27pm
Script done on Sat Jun 14 21:56:25 2008
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