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MV beacon on 30m

Well, inspired by Bruce's "Flying W" beacon, and realizing that it was a pretty nice and efficient way to send out an easily identified beacon signal, I coded up a really simple little program to generate the "MV" beacon signal (my initials). I then powered on the FT-817, while I didn't see anything registered on Bruce's grabber, Vernon's VE1VDM logger managed to deliver the goods:

I started with the nominal 5 watts, of which I probably radiate a bit more than 1 watt because of antenna losses (I'm guessing). I then tried cranking it down to 500mw, which would have been about 100mw ERP, and we seemed to have lost the signal. I raised it a bit, and we'll see how we do in a few more minutes.

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Amateur Radio Station W1BW in the Morning

I've been trying to monitor (intermittently) some of the beacon activity on 30m. This morning, I managed to capture Amateur Radio Station W1BW, who is transmitting a "W" shaped carrier every few minutes on 10.140050. Here's my spectrogram from this morning's recording. The first one seems to be the strongest, but if you look carefully you can see the second one and if you imagine hard, a third:

I wonder how much power he's running.

Addendum: Accidently left my recorder running all day, and while I didn't see much of W1BW, I did see WB3ANQ again: his familiar sawtooth was booming in for several hours.

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