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MERL – TR2003-035 – Very Low-Cost Sensing and Communication Using Bidirectional LEDs

November 12, 2008 | Hacking | By: Mark VandeWettering

A novel microprocessor interface circuit is described which can alternately emit and detect light using only an LED, two digital I/O pins and a single current limiting resistor. This technique is first applied to create a smart illumination system that uses a single LED as both light source and sensor. We then present several devices […]

My tussle on amsat-bb

November 12, 2008 | Amateur Satellite | By: Mark VandeWettering

Today’s example comes from the amsat-bb mailing list. I am a member of AMSAT and a subscriber to the amsat-bb mailing list because it’s an interesting subject that I desire to learn more about and that I enjoy sharing with my fellow hams. But AMSAT is seemingly in a struggle to save itself from extinction, […]