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It once was lost, but now is found…

This morning as I was heading out the door, I scanned my bookshelves for something that I could read during my lunchbreak. Much to my astonishment, I saw this book:


Yes, that's right: a copy of Wes Hayward and Doug Demaw's classic Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur. I'd been looking for this thing for months without any luck, but it turns out my wife had seen it lying around the house and had done what you are supposed to do: put it back on the shelf.

There has been a lot of discussion about SSDRA on the QRP-L mailing lists: used copies go for astoundingly irrational quantities of money (in excess of $200). While I think this is absurd, I do the book is very good, and I like it even better than its touted replacement Experimental Methods in RF Design. I can't wait to dig into it some more.

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