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K450 PVC Rocket Engine Design & Construction

K450 PVC Rocket Engine Design & Construction

In just a few hours, anyone can build a powerful K450 engine that will send a rocket soaring over 5000 feet! Easy to follow step by step instructions and 137 color illustrations demonstrate the exceptionally simple construction process. Best of all, only common materials are used and no special tools are required.

I'd order your copy before the DHS gets wind of this publication.

Addendum: I wish I still had my copy of this book. I had one years ago, but seem to have misplaced it in the various moves since then. The zinc/sulfur formulation that it recommends has fallen from favor in recent years, but it was still an awesome book to have on the shelf.

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  1. I still have my manual and I have a zinc/sulfer rocket body waiting to lunch (it has been for 18 years) family life got in the way…our minds our similar it seems…I like your blog BTW. Thanks

  2. I dunno… Could be a violation of the Estes Rocketeer’s Code, which would, of course, be a very serious matter.

    73 Bill I0/N2CQR
    (Astron X-Ray, Astron Big Bertha, and Astron ASTROCAM!)

  3. C’mon Bill! Estes? Really? Using store bought rocket engines when there are so many homebrew possibilities? You wouldn’t want to be known as an appliance operator, would you?


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