WSPRing via a little HP netbook…

June 9, 2009 | Amateur Radio | By: Mark VandeWettering


When I first began mucking around with WSPR, I was using my Macbook, and I couldn’t get WSPR to compile properly. As a result, I reverse engineered the format a bit, and wrote my own transmit only beacon. That was a lot of fun, but recently I picked up a little netbook (thanks honey for the birthday present), an HP Mini, and since it has Windows XP, I found out I was able to run the real distribution. A side effect of this is that I am both sending and receiving. I seem to be hearing further than I am being heard: for instance, tonight already I’ve got a spot from Germany, whereas I’m pretty much stuck with being heard within the continental United States. I should make a more systematic study comparing who I hear to who can here me.