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10m opening up perchance?

I haven't really been monitoring 10m very much, but I've been hearing more about activity there, so I tuned up tonight and caught VE7MTY/B coming in pretty darned well. Check out the .mp3 file:

VE7MTY/B, received from CM87ux, 2009-06-15, around 8:00PM local

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NOAA Satellite Frequencies

I haven't been goofing around much with receiving APT weather satellite data, but I was going to try to record some passes now that the days are longer and we get more daylight passes over North America. But I hadn't programmed the frequencies into my radio, and was forced to look them up. So, here they are, all in one place, for future reference:

Satellite Frequency
NOAA 15 137.500 Mhz
NOAA 17 137.620 Mhz
NOAA 18 137.100 Mhz
NOAA 19 137.9125 Mhz