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Paper detailing SSTV modes

I was looking up technical information suitable for implementing some of the SSTV modes (Robot 36, given the recent satellite activity). Here's a paper by JL Barber, N7CXI that gives you what you need to know. Robot36 is particularly fussy: uses an odd color space, Y, R-Y, and B-Y, with the difference channels sent only at half the rate of the Y (intensity) information. I have something in mind for this, and I'll probably dummy up a Robot36 encoder soon.

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BibliOdyssey: Extinct Monsters

3738147059_cf8d3d6ff1BibliOdyssey is a terrific blog which posts incredible images from old books that have entered the public domain. By way of example, check out this awesome collection of images of "extinct monster", megafauna and dinosaurs. Very nice images, such as the giant sloth on the right. If you like old illustratons, check it out, then subscribe to this blog:

BibliOdyssey: Extinct Monsters.


Schneier on Homomorphic Encryption Breakthrough

A couple of weeks ago during lunch, someone had mentioned that a breakthrough in the world of cryptography had occurred: that someone had succeeded in creating something called a "homomorphic encryption scheme". The thing was, nobody at the table really understood what that was all about. I did a brief bit of reading on it, and once I got the basic idea, I realized that yes indeed, it was a pretty amazing result, and pretty surprising. But rather than try to describe it to you, I'll toss you to this recent link on Bruce Schneier's website for his explanation.

Schneier on Security: Homomorphic Encryption Breakthrough