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Some Document Scanner Links

I love books, and I love the fact that technology is becoming increasingly easy to get books digitized and distributed online. Several years ago I got a copy of Johnson's Natural History that I'd love to have digitized, but as yet haven't located anyone whose willing to do it for me. But today, I found a couple of interesting links that suggest with a modest investment, I could make a book scanner of my own. Here are some links to some projects that might be useful:


KL7R’s HW-8 DSB modification…

G3XBM pointed out silent key KL7R's modification of a Heathkit HW-8 to do double sideband voice. It looks pretty straightforward, and would be an interesting modification. My own HW-8 isn't exactly pristine, but I am torn between keeping it in its native state, and performing a modification to make it more versatile. Bookmarked for later.

DSB with a Heathkit HW-8

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