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DK3WN SatBlog » XW-1 SSTV

December 30, 2009 | Amateur Satellite | By: Mark VandeWettering

More fun on HO-68! During a low elevation pass, Mike DK3WN and Henk, PA3GUO made the very first SSTV contact via HO68 – linear transponder. Images were transmitted between the two radio stations in Germany and The Netherlands. Signals were transmitted to HO-68, which was 1200km above earth and about 8000km distant from the radio […]

Build Your Own 3D Scanner: Optical Triangulation for Beginners

December 30, 2009 | Computer Graphics | By: Mark VandeWettering

I keep thinking that I should build one of these, but have never gotten around to it. Bookmarking this interesting link for future reference: Build Your Own 3D Scanner: Optical Triangulation for Beginners. Build Your Own 3D Scanner: Course Notes View more documents from Douglas Lanman.

HO-68 in SSB mode

December 30, 2009 | Amateur Satellite, Amateur Science | By: Mark VandeWettering

I don’t really have the hardware to effectively transmit to satellites in linear transponder mode. To really make it straightforward, you probably would like to have a computer to handle the Doppler tracking and antenna pointing, and a full duplex SSB transmitter (or a pair of ordinary ones). That’s more than I am willing to […]