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Earlier tonight, I noticed that CW traffic on 40m picked way up. You get an interesting view of the band conditions when you can tune 100Khz at a time:


Even with my own wimpy antenna, it was hopping pretty good.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    That SDR-IQ seems to be a pretty fantastic piece of gear. How have you connected it for use on the air? I’ve heard it interfaces with the ft-950 and a couple other rigs form their special direct IF output port; but I don’t think your ft-817 does that!

  2. i snagged this image of 160 during the Stew Perry topband challenge:

    using a 3ft air-core poster-mailer tube tuned to resonance w/ a cap

  3. It’s an amazing piece of hardware. When coupled with software (SDR). it opens a new word of receiving signals.

    I am curious to know how this device handles TX interference from your transceiver….how does it suppresses this interference.

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