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Furor over the iPhone 4 antenna…

Honestly folks, I don't get it.

A lot of people think that a recall of iPhones will be inevitable now, because (to their way of thinking) Apple shipped a phone with a known defect.

I'm wondering what phones they've been buying up until now: these defect-free phones from those manufacturers who are so careful that they only release absolutely rock solid equipment to the consumers. If you were satisfied with your previous phone and its freedom from defects, then why did you bother switching to the iPhone at all?

"My god, it could drop calls!" It's a cell phone. We've accepted crappy performance from them for years, sometimes caused by cell phone deficiencies, sometimes caused by network deficiencies, and yet we continue to pay our bills.

"I'm annoyed that I have to buy a case for my iPhone." I bought one for my first iPhone, because it was so slippery I kept juggling it out of my pockets. I delayed getting one for my second iPhone, with the net result that I put a scratch in the front bezel two weeks in. I didn't call that a "design flaw" and ask for a recall: I bought a case. Get over it.

I'm not really that much of an Apple fan boy, I just think that the Apple iPhone remains significantly (at least for me) than anything else on the market when taken as a whole. If you like your EVO better, then fine, I won't whine when it drops your call after using it for just five hours and its battery runs out. I also won't file a class action lawsuit about it.