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VK2ZOI’s Flower Pot Antennas

I made a brief mention of this website a few weeks ago on Twitter, but thought I should also archive a link to it here. If you are looking for some nice VHF and/or UHF antennas, these seem pretty neat, with clear directions. They also have the benefit of being stealthy: disguised mostly as flower pots.

VK2ZOI's Flower Pot Antennas

As is true of many things that I find interesting, Alan, VK2ZAY has also been down this road, and constructed one of these for 2m himself. Check out his notes here.

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  1. Dear college VK2ZOI, I am Vítor, CT1FET; I loved your dual band high gain flower pot antenna since I saw the project.
    I rushed to construct one.
    When it was ready, it was swr time and my results are 1.3 SWR in VHF and UHF 1.3 with non metal support, with metal support, VHF 1.5 SWR and UHF 1.5 SWR. I have 765mm of distance from the 1st half turn of the 9 turns coil until the female coax connector to feed the antenna.
    I wanted to put the antenna at the top of a metal tube but with these results I think not, what do you say about it?
    A college of mine CT5KEM, made exactly like me, but he had 670mm to feed the antenna and the results was in VHF non metal base 1,3 SWR and UHF 2.0 SWR, with metal base, VHF 1.5 SWR and UHF 2.0 SWR.
    What shall he do to bring down the UHF SWR.
    Best wishes, waiting for some coments
    Vítor CT1FET and Bruno Ct5kem

  2. Hi Vitor, I’m VK2ZOI’s son (and website caretaker). Great to hear you’ve built a high gain flower pot. I’ll pass you message on to dad, who will hopefully have some suggestions for you.
    Regards, Ben

    Mark, feel free to pass on my email address to Vitor if convenient, else I’ll post back here.

  3. Hi,

    i’m intersted to hi gain flower pot antenna.

    Can you add others sections to increase gain?

    Example : lenght of 5mt with 5 sections?

    They are some “rules” to add sections?


    Roberto iw2evk

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