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Cool Hack O’ Day: real pixel coding

The problem with working some place with lots of intelligent people is that it is increasingly hard to maintain one's sense of superiority. Today, I tip my hat to Inigo. He has a very cool demo here, where he creates a program by creating and editing a small image in photoshop, saving it as a raw image file, and then renaming it to a .COM file and running it. It's a testament to how clever, sneaky, and small programs can be.

Thanks to Jeri reposting this link on twitter, I'm getting lots of hits. Thanks Jeri. But be sure to visit Inigo's original post to read more about this cool hack:
el trastero » Blog Archive » real pixel coding.

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  1. It reminds me tweaking an embedded audio clip by loading the executable (a copy, of course) into an audio editor. It worked! 😀

  2. Coincidentally, I’ve been doing something similar this week, creating COM files with COPY CON:

    PhotoShop, though, sounds like a much easier approach. You can go back and fix mistakes! And there are no forbidden bytes!

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