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The Micro FM transmitter on copper clad (much better!)

April 19, 2011 | Amateur Radio, electronics, My Projects | By: Mark VandeWettering

Yesterday’s video showed a very fussy version of Tetsuo Kogawa’s 1 transistor FM transmitter, which worked after a fashion, but which seemed really squirrely. Almost any motion of anything caused the circuit to behave rather badly as capacitance changed, and I picked up a considerable amount of hum. Today, I rebuilt the circuit onto a […]

Schematic for the Micro FM transmitter

April 19, 2011 | electronics, My Projects | By: Mark VandeWettering

Tetsuo Kogawa’s circuit is pretty well documented, but not in conventional schematic form. I decided to enter it into LTSpice to see what it could make of it, and decided to go ahead and put the schematic online here, with perhaps a few comments: I’ve set this up more or less as I built the […]

Watermarking and titling with ffmpeg and other open source tools…

April 19, 2011 | Amateur Radio, Computer Graphics, Games and Diversions, My Projects, Video | By: Mark VandeWettering

I’ve received two requests for information about my “video production pipeline”, such as it is. As you can tell by my videos, I am shooting with pretty ugly hardware, in a pretty ugly way, with minimal (read “no”) editing. But I did figure out a pretty nice way to add some watermarks and overlays to […]