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Andrew Holme’s projects

Most of the websites that I link to are related to specific topics or projects. But every once in a while, you find one that has a bunch of good stuff that matches some of your esoteric interests, and you wonder how one person could do it all. Inspired by Jeri Ellsworth's latest video showing her Spartan 6 FPGA board which reconfigures itself to generate the VFO, I thought I'd try to figure out what magic that entailed, with the idea of maybe doing something similar with my (as yet sorely underutilized) BASYS-2 board. That sent me to Andrew Holme's project page:

Andrew Holme's projects

He's got some projects on Fractional-N frequency synthesizers, which I don't think are exactly what we want, but what a treasure trove of cool projects. An experiment using core memory, a microcoded FORTH machine built from discrete logic, a homebrew spectrum analyzer, and an experimental GPS receiver! Too cool. Lots of good stuff.

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