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Clouds in a Glass of Beer Guinness

I subscribe to the Sixty Symbols YouTube channel which is produced by the University of Nottingham, and today, I noticed they had a new video on a subject near and dear to many a physicists heart: Guinness.

If you think that beer is beneath the interest of physics, you should surf on over to and check out Craig Bohren's Clouds in a Glass of Beer. It is an excellent accessible book on atmospheric physics that examines (among other topics) the way that bubbles form in beer. It's a creative, informative book that presumes no great knowledge of physics, but can help remove some of the many misconceptions we have surrounding atmospheric physics and weather. Clouds in a Glass of Beer: Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics

If that doesn't satisfy your need for equations, you can try this rather beefier exposition, entitled Waves in Guinness.

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