Seeing double on QRSS grabber…

Here is a snapshot from my QRSS grabber earlier today. You might want to click it to see it full size:

I’m curious: what phenomenon is causing the strong line doubling of the signals near the bottom? Note: not all the signals demonstrate this phenomenon, and it’s relatively rare, and commonly just fades away. Also note that the signal at the top does not show this line doubling. I suspect all the signals which are line doubled are in New Mexico.

Bonus question: I keep seeing a small wiggle like the one around 10.139975 or so, starting on 10 minute boundaries and lasting for about one minute. Anybody have any idea who that is?

4 thoughts on “Seeing double on QRSS grabber…”

  1. Just a simple multipath signal due to auroral effects.
    Its temporary won’t happen again for at least a week

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