DIY FPV Micro Quad…

June 20, 2014 | Quadcopter, Radio Controlled Airplanes | By: Mark VandeWettering

Building my full sized quadcopter is going rather slowly (sigh) but in the mean time I picked up a little Hubsan X4 to play with. It’s cheap, and because it has a very low mass, it’s pretty hard to destroy. After more crashes than I can count, I’ve only managed to ding up one propeller (and replacements are pretty cheap and easy to get). But I must admit that one of the reasons I’m interested in quads and RC vehicles is to shoot video from them. While it is possible to get microquads that carry cameras, or even allow FPV, I kind of like the idea of home brewing something. Often, such projects are aided by following in the footsteps of giants, looking at how others have solved problems helps a bunch. It’s also inspiring. That’s why I was particularly enthused to find this article:

Build a micro-sized first-person-view quadcopter

A couple of things I like about the article:

  • It suggested the Vitality H36 quadcopter. It has one really interesting feature: it’s compatible with the Flyky/Turnigy radio transmitters. It would be cool to use my big transmitter with the tiny quad.
  • Provides good hints on the video camera, transmitter and receiver module that you might want to use.
  • Good links to circularly polarized antenna construction details.
  • It’s an existence proof that it can be done! Awesome!

It looks like a complete hoot!