Robot Sumo

I stopped by Barnes & Noble on the way home the other day, and was bemused by a couple of books, including this one on the construction of robots to play sumo. Since I am considering a small robotics project, I thought this book might be good, and after a brief reading, it appears to be better than most, striking a nice chord between entirely theoretical and entirely practical. It has a
good section on the use of remote control gear to control robots, something which several other robotics books that I have sort of ignore, and as I am not
an RC enthusiast, something which I need to learn a bit more about. Included are some nice projects using the Basic Stamp, good coverage on IR and ultrasonic proximity sensors, and plans for a mini-Sumo robot. It also has nice pictures and a darn cute cover. I’m sure if you are a genius robot engineer,
you’ll learn nothing, but as I haven’t built one myself, I give it two thumbs up.