I’ve become my own latest project.

During a recent checkup, my doctor noted my increasing weight (323 lbs) and my high cholesterol. He recommended that I join Weight Watchers, begin a regular exercise routine, and come back to see him in a few months to have my cholesterol rechecked.

Well, on my own I managed to dump about fifteen pounds, but I made a New Years Resolution to join Weight Watchers and begin to take my growing weight problem more seriously. Last Sunday was my first meeting, which went rather well.

Psychologically I’m feeling like I’m eating next to nothing. I have to remind myself that I am changing the way my body processes food and the way that I think about eating and food. I’m not really exercising much yet, but I’ll be increasing that more as time goes on.

Wish me luck.

Overall, my eating habits aren’t terrible. The days when I scarfed down Hostess Cupcakes and Haagen Das are long past. I try to limit the amount of fast food that I eat. I think the hardest part for me is portion control: I just eat more than I should.

Fast food restaurants are the worst though. Supersized value meals are just the kiss of death. I noted that the topic has even reached the world of the documentary film makers. To be fair, it is rather easy to find the nutritional information for McDonalds: the problem is that they have very few or no healthy items on their menus at all.

I’m pretty tired of a society that on the one hand portrays fat people as losers (anyone watched Average Joe lately?) but on the other hand pumps out large, greasy, fattening food and then wonders why some people are so "lazy" that they get fat.