Senate Has Too Much Time – Passes Useless Bill

Reuters is reporting that the Senate has just passed a bill that makes using a camcorder to record a movie a federal crime. punishable by up to three years in prison, or up to five years in prison if such recordings were made for commercial purposes.

On the one hand, I work for the movie industry. I also try to respect intellectual property laws, and think there is no legitimate excuse for video taping a movie inside a theater.

But get real! Three to five years? Continue reading “Senate Has Too Much Time – Passes Useless Bill”

Pay for My Stupidity

Kite Photo of San Francisco, 1906Slashdot provided a link to KiteCam Disaster Fund Appeal, the website for an individual who lofted and subsequently landed a Casio EX-3 digital camera using a kite. To pay for the folly of his poor engineering and inadequate kite flying skills, he now has resorted to pleas for money. Frankly, I think giving money to someone who destroys cameras is kind of silly. Why not send money to individuals who actually can repeatedly send cameras to high altitudes without destroying them?

The grand daddy of all kite photography places on the web is Charles Benton’s Kite Aerial Photography. Awesome stuff, and local to boot. KAP in Amarillo, TX also has a bunch of nice photos, including 360 degree panoramas. Awesome.

If you click on the tiny photo on the right, you can see a cool photo of San Francisco just after the 1906 eartquake, taken from a captive balloon from about 2700 feet.