How to make a Smoker from a Trash Can

GeekDIY has a nice little project: How to make a Smoker from a Trash Can. It’s very similar to Alton Brown’s cardboard box smoker, but a little more refined and permanent. Interestingly enough, when Alton Brown was interviewed on NPR, he actually constructed very similar smoker. I could really use some smoked salmon, I’ll have to think about building one.

International: Isn’t 50 years of copyright enough?

The Index of Free Expression asks Isn’t 50 years of copyright enough? The recording industry is lobbying the EU to extend their current term of 50 years for perfomances to keep control over recorded performances by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash and ultimately, the Beatles.

The recording industry thinks that the expiration of copyrights is “a loophole”. One industry’s bug is a society’s feature, I always say.

void && NULL

While driving in this morning, the airwaves were abuzz with the news that the California Supreme Court had ruled to annul 4000 same sex marriages that were performed in San Francisco. The court chose not to rule on the constitutionality of the law which defines marriage as a union between man and women, but instead chose to rule on the much narrower issue of whether the mayor had the right to grant marriage licenses in violation of that law. It was found that he did not, and the court then ruled that all marriages so performed were void.

There are of course lawsuits pending that will ask the court to address the broader issue as to whether the equal protection provisions of the California state constitution nullifies bans on same-sex marriages as discriminatory. It will be interesting to see how the California Supreme Court deals with the issues raised here but tabled without comment.

To the 4000 couples whose marriages were declared null and void, keep your chins up, and your formal wear pressed. I suspect that ultimately you’ll be needing them again.