One thought on “Podcasting, Debates and My Weekend”

  1. Here’s a more cogent choice. I dislike Vonnegut almost as much as that idiot Zatloukal (our english teacher). Trying to find meaning in a story that will have you checking your belly button for lint :-). Pardon me here, but Vonnegut was just a dope smoking hippie, who tried to be more controversial than eloquent or cogent.

    Huxley, Orwell …. you’d do better :-).

    Part 1—Brave-New-World-1of2-56-01-27-%28OTR%29.mp3.m3u
    Part 2—Brave-New-World-2of2-56-02-03-%28OTR%29.mp3.m3u

    Your loving brother and a pain in your side.


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