Podcast #19

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How to Make Lava Lamps – Oozing Goo

Lava Lamp Patents!If you would like to wander back to the days of the Keith Partridge and Greg Brady and make a really groovy pad, you can go learn How to Make Lava Lamps at Oozing Goo. They also listed the two patents on the Lava Lamp, namely U.S. Patent 3,570,156 and U.S. Patent 3,387,396. Frankly, the idea of placing alcohol and turpentine in a closed container over a heat source sounds the teensiest bit dangerous to me, so if you end up with no eyebrows, don’t come crying to me. I’m not stupid enough to try it.


What’s really amazing about this invention to me is just the idea itself: that somebody would buy a lamp that consists of globs of goo floating around in liquid. How does one even get to the point where one asks this question?

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