The Prokudin Gorskii Collection

Color Pictures From the PastThe autochrome images of World War I subjects reminded me of the excellent Prokudin-Gorskii collection that you can see at the Library of Congress website. They also have a rather large archive of the three-color separation images that you can search and use, most of which are fairly mundane landscapses, but some of which include excellent pictures like the one on the right. The picture of the Tajik man on the right was taken in 1911.

This glimpse into the past is just too cool.

Lego, the Type Designer’s Friend

Mark Simonson has a really nifty website on typography. I originally found it because he built a mechanism for holding filmstrips of fonts out of Lego so he could scan them, but if you dig around you will find that there are plenty of other nifty things having to do with type design and typography, including his first attempt to design a font on a computer using a Sinclair ZX80 back in 1980. Good stuff.