3 thoughts on “Podcast #22: Baseball, Nostalgia and Photography”

  1. I’ve been meaning to suggest this for a while:
    Have you tried encoding the podcasts with a lower bitrate? I just tried decoding this one to wav, and then reencoding it with ‘lame –preset 64’ (an ABR variable bitrate mode, with an average bitrate of 64kbps)
    The quality seems good to me, and the file is just 1.7 Mb.

  2. I was just investigating this when I got your second message. I was going to say that something was obviously amiss, since I do record at 64kbps using lame. This post was 19 minutes, 48 seconds and if you multiply that out, you should get 9.5 megabytes, which is precisely what I did get.

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