Bring Dead Art Back to Life!

Awesome! (a division of FreeCulture) is having a contest to remix clips from classic zombie flicks! What an awesome idea! Since the public domain includes the classic Night of the Living Dead, one imagines that you could do a fairly good job of it. They also include a link to the movie Amid the Dead, which I will have to watch when I get home tonight.

Just in time for Halloween!

Boing Boing: Knitting patterns under Creative Commons license

Materials licensed under Creative Commons licenses are becoming more and more popular, and more and more mainstream. As reported on BoingBoing, Knitty is a web-published knitting magazine, and for a special breast-cancer awareness issue, they decided to publish their patterns under a Creative Commons license, specifically the Attribution-NoCommercial-NoDerivs license. Check out the patterns: I’m more of a crochet guy myself, but can knit in a pinch. The socks look comfy.