Back from Bloggercon!

Well, I’m back after my full day at Bloggercon. Apologies for not trying to stick around and catch dinner with some of you folks: I was nursing a sinus headache by the end of the day, and still had an hour and a half drive to get home. I had a great time: expect a full post mortem tomorrow after I’ve had time to recoup some of my energy.

But just to keep some of the bullet points that I found most interesting:

  • I got a chance to say hi to lots of podcasters, including Dave Slusher, Adam Curry, Michael Geoghegan of the Reel Review podcast, and Dawn and Drew.
  • Lots of people noticed my Incredibles jacket, and I chatted a bit about my life at Pixar and why I’m interested in weblogging.
  • I was confused about just who the users were at this users’ conference.
  • I had some slighly illuminating thoughts on the idea of mobile weblogging.
  • Met Ruth Meers of and Ben Gross.

These are mainly just placeholders for what I’ll podcast about tomorrow when I’m sufficiently energetic, and I’ll probably remember a couple of other things along the way. Stay tuned!

Addendum: They aren’t much to speak of, but you can see my photos of the event here.


Well, it’s finally arrived: Bloggercon. I’m just arming myself with my digital camera and my tiny voice recorder, I suspect that if I brought a more powerful gadget, I would be more tempted to pay attention to it rather than what’s going on around me. So, blinking the sleep from my eyes and armed only with a coffee and Krispy Kreme donut, I’m on my way. Oh, and the map. Need the map. And more coffee.

If I update during the day, it will be solely through the kindness of strangers. Expect a full post mortem in my next podcast.