Brainwagon Radio: Digital Audio 101

Where your host tries to give a meaningful introduction into digital audio by explaining the basics of digital audio. Topics covered include:

  • What is sound?
  • What does your computer do when it records a digital audio file?
  • What does sample rate, sample size and bitrate mean?
  • The sound settings that I use to record these podcasts, namely:
    1. sample rate = 22050
    2. sample size = 16 bits
    3. I record in stereo (2 channels)
    4. I use a bitrate of 64kbps, which results in files which are 480Kbytes per minute

Anybody with any experience in digital recording will undoubtably be bored, but my lunch at Bloggercon gave some hint that this might be necessary.

Garageband closing music is Leigh Silver and the Bitter Things, playing Moody.

TaxProf Blog: Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed

The Big Picture has an interesting list of post-election maps which seek to demonstrate the oddities of how people voted in the Presidential election. I find this one to be rather interesting, which showed that of the 32 states that receive more in federal tax money than they collect in taxes, 76% ended up voting for George W. For all their preaching about self reliance, it appears that these predominantly Republican states drink heavily from the fountain that is federal taxation.