Brainwagon Radio: Cinnamon Bear, Core Media Player, and Konfabulator

Where your host describes his upcoming special holiday treat, yammers about a couple of interesting bits of software, and plays some holiday music to prime the pump for the largest shopping weekend of the year.

Links from today’s show:

  • I’m going to be presenting podcast for the classic 1937 radio serial The Cinnamon Bear. You can go to to this page starting November 29th and download one episode per day, culminating in the final episode on Christmas Eve. I’ll also have an RSS feed available which I’m still testing.
  • The Core Media Player for Windows plays all sorts of media, including Ogg files.
  • Konfabulator has a terrible name, but many widgets that can enhance your desktop. Available for either Windows or OSX, and they even have a developer’s API.
  • Song of the day: The Whistling Elves playing Dot Com Christmas