Tryptophan Dose Near Fatal Limits!

My friend Tom and his son Tim showed up for Thanksgiving, and my son and his friend showed up just as we sat down for dinner. Turkey, sweet potatoes w/ pecans, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans, chased down with pumpkin cheesecake, a lemon meringue pie and a chocolate cake. Woof. Surprisingly, the 16 lb bird yielded relatively few leftovers: only a single freezer container of meat remained, plus the carcass for turkey soup. Yum-mee.

After everyone settled down to watch the traditional Braveheart, I toddled off to my office and tried to figure out how to install MythTV on my my Fedora Core 3 box. I think I’ve got most of the dependencies straight, but the problem appears to be that the site which provides program information is down tonight. Quel dommage. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. Expect a full report in an upcoming podcast.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happ Thanksgiving!To all the readers of these humble pages and all the listeners of my podcast, here are my best wishes to all and their families to have a great holiday. Here at my house, we are just getting started: soon, the turkey will be out of his briney bath and into a roaster pan, the sweet potatoes are already done, and I need to peel some spuds and clean the guest bathroom, but I’m hoping to have all that done by the afternoon so I can lapse into a tryptophan coma.

If I have any energy later in the day, I’m hoping for a nice walk with my sweetie, and maybe to record a podcast detailing my attempts to purge spyware off my system, spurred by warnings from Geek News Central. But for now: better get to various homey tasks.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!