Brainwagon Radio: Tinkering with Gizmos

In episode 37, your intrepid host reports on his new cell phone, talks about his as yet unsuccessful efforts to get MythTV to work, plays a song from Comfort Stand, an online record label and then is hastened away to the Sponge Bob Squarepants movie. Anyone who wants to serve as my mentor on the world of MythTV can mail me and we can discuss it via mail, Skype, irc, or whatever. Thanks in advance!

Music of the day:

Addendum: To rip video for my phone, I used the command:

ffmpeg -i some.vob -r 10 -b 56 -an -s qcif some.asf

This command doesn’t encode audio, just video (no problem that I know of, I just was encoding a silent film as a test, so I didn’t bother).

New Cell Phone

My New Cell PhoneWell, I couldn’t resist a sale this morning: Best Buy had the new Motorola MPX220 cell phones on sale for $49 after a $300 rebate. The gadget is a Microsoft Smartphone, and while it is far from perfect (I will try to do a writeup of my experiences soon) it does have a number of cool features including:

  • Bluetooth
  • 1.3 megapixel camera (which is night blind and with a useless LED “flash”)
  • Uses mini-SD memory cards
  • Can record and play video files.

My fun hack of the day? I ripped some dvd video to a 56k video format and copied it to the phone, and successfully played it back. Awesome.

More later.