Gutenberg Gem: The Complete Book of Cheese

Welsh RabbitToday’s gem from Project Gutenberg is Bob Brown’s The Complete Book of Cheese, which includes one of the most enthusiastic endorsements of the fine dish known as Welsh Rabbit you are likely to find in print. This was obviously written by a lover of cheese. Has some nice illustrations too!

Addendum: I grew up eating Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, made on the Oregon coast, and I still prefer it as my “Cheddar of Choice” for grilled cheese sandwiches. I like the sharp, but the mild is good too.

One thought on “Gutenberg Gem: The Complete Book of Cheese”

  1. Actually, the correct term for it is “Wlesh Rarebit.” I think it just got bastardized to “rabbit.”

    Editor’s note: Actually, from my reading it seems that the transition was from “rabbit” to “rarebit”, rather than the other way around. Consider this link. One dead-tree dictionary lists the term “welsh rarebit” as the more modern of the two forms.

    Welsh Rarebit, Rabbit or “Caws Pobi” gets its name quite literally from the words rare (meaning very lightly cooked) and bit (a small piece or portion).

    And MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Tillamook Cheddar! Best part of living in the Pacific Northwest. Well, one of the best parts.

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