Brainwagon Radio: Kudos, Drawing and Helix DNA Server

Wherein your host lists a number of people who have said nice things about us, and mentions the weekend’s projects: a new icon redesign for brainwagon and Helix DNA Server.

Items mentioned in the podcast:

Useful Firefox Extensions

My Firefox Status AreaI love Firefox. It’s a great browser all by its lonesome. But it also has some nicely done extensions which have proven to be really useful and now which I find it hard to live without. Some of the better extensions are:

  • Gmail Notifier — Keep track of your gmail account
  • Bloglines Toolkit — I use bloglines as my principal RSS aggregator, and having it always a button click away is useful.
  • Adblock — I’m no great fan of ads, and between pop up blocker and this thing, my desktop seldom leaves my control.
  • Foxy Tunes — Puts media player controls in your status bar. It’s nice not to have to click on other windows to change media settings while browsing.
  • Oh! I forgot! Weather Fox — localized weather icons, constantly updated for your locale. Neat!

Check them out. Download Firefox and check under the Tools > Extensions menu, and click Get More Extensions.