Building Carma Karma

Well, as the holiday approaches, I’ve got all three cars in the shop virtually simultaneously:

  • My Expedition, for shocks, two tires and alignment
  • The Jeep, for body work, and
  • The Cavalier, for one highly fu-barred transmission.

To deflect some of my bad Karma, I decided to do something nice and selfless: I went out and gave blood at the Red Cross. I hope this restores some of the natural order to things, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a nice thing to do. Consider donating blood this holiday season.

Addendum: Upon returning to pick up my car, I’m greeted with the news that it still needs $350 more work. On the way back, my wife tries to deposit a check at an ATM, and it jams and requires me to come help her out with tweezers to retrieve her check.

I think I want my blood back.