Oscar Nominations for The Incredibles

Well, the Academy has released their Oscar Nominees, and I’m pleased to see that The Incredibles was nominated in four categories:

  • Best Animated Feature
  • Best Screenplay
  • Achievement in Sound Editing
  • Achievement in Sound Mixing

Congratulations to Brad Bird, everyone at Pixar, and congratulations to me!

Addendum: Yahoo! has a complete list of all the nominees.

Blog vs. Audioblog

Try comparing this blog entry with the audioblog that I mentioned yesterday. Same event, different media, different impressions. Thanks Wil!

Addendum: Perhaps I should expand on why I think this is interesting. Some people have claimed that audioblogs are a waste of time because of their many “disadvantages” compared to the written word. Yes, the written word is more compact, can be composed with simpler equipment, and generally allows for more thoughtful, precise description of events and feelings. On the other hand, recordings of speech can convey immediacy, informality, intensity and emotion in a very real way. Wil presented two different versions of the same event. Which is better? Which is more powerful? I think they give different aspects of the same event. I find both compelling.