Brainwagon Radio: Dell Axim x50v, iPod shuffle, and the Soweto Gospel Choir

Where your host wakes up early and knocks out another podcast, even while suffering through an at-times painful head cold. Hope the sound of nasal drip didn’t offend.

Links from the show:

  • My new PDA is a Dell Axim x50v. 802.11, Bluetooth, VGA resolution screen, both SD and CompactFlash slots, lots to love!
  • Got a good scoop on sale prices for the PDA from
  • I picked up Microsoft Streets and Trips, which includes PC, PocketPC and Smartphone versions of their mapping software. Seems to work really well!
  • I’m having difficulty with the iPod shuffle I bought for my wife yesterday. Back to the Apple Store later today to get it worked out.
  • Music today was from NPR : Soweto Gospel Choir: ‘Voices from Heaven’ I really love this kind of music, even though admittedly I know nothing about it. 🙂

Addendum: I believe by my at times unreliable count that this was podcast number fifty! Thanks to all who have patiently listened to my drivel.

3 thoughts on “Brainwagon Radio: Dell Axim x50v, iPod shuffle, and the Soweto Gospel Choir”

  1. I just got the Dell AXIM x50v as well. I am also very impressed with it. My last PDA was a PALM Vx 4-5 years ago. Other than Bejeweled it wasn’t of much use to me. The Axim is motivating me to actually get all my addresses up to date and such. Anyway I want to use it as a MP3 player and to download podcasts. Do you know of any software for the Axim that will automatically download podcasts? I also saw Activesync 3.8 is now availablebut everytime I try to install it I completely lose connectivity between the desktop and Axim. Have you tried it and have you had any luck?

  2. Anyone report download problems who use doppler? Doppler is refusing to download the show saying there is an error with the feed. Just wondering…

    Chad D

    Editor’s note: D’oh! Should be fixed. Something screws up when I paste in stuff from other articles, it screws up the character encoding, and Doppler is pretty picky about such things. I think the new versions of WordPress work harder to get this right. Maybe I should upgrade…

  3. Heh! I just noticed that I successfully received brainwagon radio. Life can go on again! 🙂

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