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Links from the show:

  • I’ve used netstumbler in the past while wardriving, but their version for the Pocket PC called ministumbler doesn’t appear to work on the Dell Axim x50v. I did find that WiFiFoFum did work, and managed to log 175 access points between here and the movie theater three miles away last night.
  • A reader recommended iGuidance, which includes the capability to make MPG movies of your GPS position moving over maps. Kind of cute, but at $109.00, it’s hard to justify. For that price, Microsoft Street and Trips includes a GPS.
  • Steve is a freelance photographer over at who was recently bullied by SF Muni and police for violating a law which doesn’t exist. Such shameful abuses of police power are all to common in the post 9/11 world. Read his story!
  • Former Google blogger Mark Jen was fired for blogging about his experiences and opinions of Google. I think it would behoove companies not to rely on “common-sense” as proposed by some, but rather to develop specific guidelines about what their expectation with respect to blogging activities, similar to the Internet usage guidelines that most companies seem to have drafted.
  • Matthew Fordahl wrote this article which has driven an increase in traffic to my website.
  • I still have more gmail accounts to give away! Send me an email and I’ll send you an invite.
  • I bought an iPod shuffle last week, which proved to be defective. Picked up the replacement yesterday, and it works great!
  • Book of the week: Predicting Presidential Elections and Other Things by Ray C. Fair
  • Does anyone know of a club for robot construction in the Bay Area? Drop me an email!.
  • Embarrassingly, I couldn’t find a link to the NPR show on stride piano that I mentioned, so as a substitute try out this tribute to Fats Waller.