Damn Small Linux Update

I installed Damn Small Linux onto one of those 64 megabyte USB dongle thingies, and walked it around to various machines to see if I could get it to boot. Results:

  • My old Shuttle SV24: no dice, didn’t boot.
  • My laptop: sadly no, doesn’t boot.
  • My HP desktop machine: yep, boots and works fine.

It’s too bad, I really wanted to boot my laptop to Damn Small Linux occasionally. Guess I’ll just have to carry one of those tiny CDs around.

Evil Genius Chronicles – Quantity vs. Quality 03 03 2005

Dave has begun to come to his senses:

…it all comes back to what I keep saying – do your best work, put it out there, serve the audience you care about well and then let it ride. Worry about your audience, not your ranking. Eventually everyone will realize the bogosity of the latter and if you burn your karma with the former in pursuit of those rankings, you are screwed.

I’d amend this only to say that it doesn’t really matter whether everyone realizes the bogosity. I care what some people think, but I don’t give a rats ass what everyone thinks.