Poor Scrappy

Our cat Scrappy seems no better. He just lies on our couch, completely zonked out. I got him to eat and drink a little, but his leg is still obviously hurting him. Vet appointment at 10:30. Update later..

Update: Well, Scrappy was running a fever of almost 105, which is indicative of an infection (probably got a bite on his leg from another cat, and it got infected). The vet gave him some fluid and an injected antibiotic, and he’s gonna be on oral antibiotics for a week, but he should make a full recovery.

The little guy does not like being in the cat carrier, and I literally thought he was gonna hyperventilate on the way to the vet, but the return trip was much less traumatic, and he’s resting comfortably at the top of the stairs. It may just be me, but he seems to be a bit more alert, if a bit tired. I’ll let him sleep.