Flutterby! : flippin’ the bird

Dan took some nice pictures while walking around San Francisco today. He snapped this picture:

Dan's Original

which I liked, but I thought could use a bit more oomph. So, I fired up gimp, cut the bird out, and manipulated the contrast of the bird and the background separately, and came up with this.

My Remixl

Probably overdid the blacks and whites, but I was only really goofing around. I really like The Gimp.

Opening Day!

Baseball Season!Ah, baseball season begins today.

Okay, I guess it really started yesterday with the Yankees/Sox game, but today is the first Oakland game. Unfortunately, Barry Zito didn’t do so well, and the A’s lost their opening day game.

Zito gave up four runs and six hits in six innings, breaking Oakland’s 7-0 record against Baltimore last year. Bobby Crosby got his first career hit against Baltimore, after beginning 0-23.

Slusher on MGM Vs Grokster

Dave Slusher has an excellent article detailing just what is at stake in the case of MGM v. Grokster. He says:

I am the benificiary of being able to serve my podcasts to an order of magnitude more users than I could without it.

Without the technological innovation of P2P networks, Dave would be unable to reach the huge numbers of individuals that he currently does: it simply wouldn’t be cost effective. A reversal of the Sony decision would allow the creators of Bittorrent or similar programs to be held liable for piracy created by their sharing technology, and we would be back in a world where media is controlled by the few who can afford the higher costs associated with the classic means of distribution.