Doctor Who, Back on the Air

Jeff reminds me that Doctor Who is back on the air. Jeff was the guy who got me hooked on Doctor Who while were shared a house in grad school, and I must admit that I miss the late night episodes aired on NJN in Princeton NJ. Sadly, PBS stations locally have not found Dr. Who to be the cash cow that it once was, and has discontinued airing episodes.

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  1. As of last Tuesday, the CBC has been broadcasting the new season. I saw the pilot and was mildly impressed. (SFX are pretty cheesy compared to other sci fi that’s showing nowadays, but that’s par for the course.) I didn’t watch that much of the older seasons, but Eccleston so far has that same sort of manic energy that Tom Baker brought to the role, if you’re into that sort of Doctor. And Billie Piper is pretty easy on the eyes. I’m supposed to be putting these on tape for my sister, I’ll probably be able to bring four episodes down with me to Emeryville at the end of the month, if you’re interested.

  2. The new Dr Who shows started airing 3 weeks ago on the BBC. What can I say. .. The shows are well made (no cardboard scenery) but icons and images of our youth do not transfer well, at least I dont think so. Of course we are going to see better special effects but was the show all about special effects? No, it was about the Dr and the perilous situations and quirky response he had and we loved it cos we were younger, less sophisticated and it style although SF it was of its time.

    The new version cracks along at a grand old pace and we see a jump in time every week cos thats how we want our TV – quick pass the remote I need to surf the channels. No longer do we get a story with real charaters that develop but crash bang thank you we arrive, discover the perilous situation, solve it double quickly and were off again within the 45 mins of the show ……

    dandeedan dandeedan weeee eeee eeee dandeedan (apologies to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop)

    Am I getting old ….?

  3. It’s not the same. Still it is great to have new episodes of Dr. Who to look forward to each week. A friend told someone I know that she read that some of the people had figured out how to get the most recent shows from the bit torrents.

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