Maultasch’s Musings: Why I Hate Blogging Dinners

I’ve begun to wonder if many so-called A-list bloggers do nothing more than wander around the country having dinner with one another. One blogger expressed some dissatisfaction with one of these dinners and his words struck a chord with me:

Everything I love about blogging is reversed at a blogging dinner. I love that blogs and particularly my RSS reader level the playing field – the idea is king not the person who blogs it. Contrast that with a blog dinner – where the A-list blogger is king; everyone wants to talk to the A-listers and the whole enterprise revolves around them. I also hate the forced conversations – how many times can you talk about your RSS reader, your blogging software and


Brainwagon Radio: A Brief Jaunt To Reno

Where your host finally gets around to recording another podcast detailing his brief weekend trip to Reno. Find out what sports book kind of blows, which ones are okay, and what hotel had rooms overlooking the scenic air conditioner on the roof. You can also find out what I’m doing this weekend and what I had for breakfast.

Dell Axim X50(v) A03 ROM update

It appears that Dell has released a new ROM update (A03) for the Dell Axim x50v. Haven’t tried this out yet, but I will this evening. Seems like it should address a couple of the relatively minor problems I’ve had with it:

  1. Improved the compatibility with certain CF cards
  2. Improved the power management within the CompactFlash driver
  3. Improved the WLAN driver for the unrecognized card issue
  4. Improved Bluetooth memory management
  5. Enhanced the processor speed scheme (Auto) for better balance between performance and battery life
  6. Improved the compatibility of Bluetooth FTP
  7. Make the wireless button driver more robust
  8. Improved the compatibility of Switcher Bar application
  9. Enhanced the compatibility of Data Backup utility
  10. Enhanced the WEP key security
  11. Updated the Funk Odyssey client
  12. Improved the frequency change mechanism of 2700G (Axim X50v)
  13. Fixed issue when pausing live streaming video (Axim X50v)
  14. Updated 2700G display driver (Axim X50v)

I’ll let you know how it works out.

MobileRead Networks – Dell Axim X50(v) A03 ROM update

Remarkable Fan Film

Star Wars Revelations, A Fan FilmLast night I finally got around to watching Revelations, a Star Wars fan film which I found to be truly remarkable. It is not without its flaws, but it is remarkable that fans could dedicate enough time, energy and organization to produce such a professional and competent film. I found the special effects and costuming to be particularly noteworthy and surprising. To keep from running afoul of George Lucas and his lawyers, the film is absolutely free and available for download in either Quicktime formats or alternatively as a DVD image. There is also a second DVD which contains the “making of” information which I haven’t watched yet, but will probably watch in the next couple of days.

Cool stuff, and inspiring for DIY media types.

I also read that Slate magazine had asked that George Lucas release Star Wars under a Creative Commons license. I think the chances are right around 0%, but it’s an interesting idea.

Incidently, Slate places the cost of Revelations at $20,000. That’s pinching your pennies.